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How to use our automatic soap dispenser

Have you thrown away or lost the instructions for your automatic soap dispenser (just like we do!), or want to compare it against others you're looking at? We've put together this guide just for you, to take you through unboxing, setting up and using your automatic soap dispenser. Below is a quick video to run you through it and a more detailed step by step explanation. Thrilling stuff, enjoy!!



 Before you start, you will need the following:

- 4 brand new AA batteries

- Soap or sanitiser

 Step 1: Unscrew the bottle from the bottom of the automatic soap dispenser

Step 2: Remove silicon cover from the inside of the top half of the dispenser

Step 3: Once cover is removed, you will see two inserts at both sides. Squeeze both inwards at the same time and the battery cover will remove

Step 4: Insert 4, brand-new, fully working AA batteries. This may seem obvious, but you wouldn't believe the amount of people that use old batteries and tell us it's not working

Step 5: Put battery cover and then silicon seal back on

Step 6: Touch the LED indicator on the top of the automatic soap dispenser to check it's working; tap once to turn it on (LED indicator will turn blue) and top once again to turn off (LED indicator will turn red)

Step 7: Fill bottle with soap or sanitiser. By the way, we have a revolutionary product coming for this, just wait and see!

Step 8: Turn bottle anti-clockwise to lock the bottle back together with the sensor

Step 9: Turn on automatic soap dispenser by touching LED indicator once so it flashes blue

Step 10: Place hand under nozzle and sensor; the optimum amount of liquid will dispense automatically


TIP: Your automatic soap dispenser has a really useful fail-safe built in. If the liquid is too thick, the fail-safe kicks in to prevent the motor from overheating and the LED indicator will flash blue. This is easily fixed by adding a small amount of water to your liquid to dilute it.